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JSMO/ASCO Young Oncologist Workshop 2019 Report

JSMO and ASCO co-hosted JSMO/ASCO Young Oncologist Workshop 2019 on February 15-16, 2019 in Tokyo the second time.
Attendee, Japanese Young oncologists, took lectures from JSMO&ASCO’s expert oncologists, made presentations about their research plans and took part in discussions in small groups, and so on. And, an additional point from 2018 is that a poster session was held.
All attendees and faculty members really enjoyed a lively discussions for 2 days.

◆Program            ◆Photo          ◆Impressions


(Day 1)
Program Speaker Chairs
8:20~8:35 Introductions Introductions JSMO Chair & ASCO Chair  
8:35~8:55 Self-Assessment Exercise Faculty/Attendees Dr.Takahiro Kogawa
8:55~9:35 Lecture 1:Design and Conduct of Clinical trials of Precision Oncology / Immuno-Oncology Dr.Bruce Johnson Dr.Toshiyuki Kozuki
9:35~10:05 Q & A  
10:05~10:20 Coffee Break (15 min)    
10:20~11:00 Lecture 2: Strategies, Biomarkers and Endpoints for Phase I and II Trials Dr. Lillian Siu Dr.Hidehito Horinouchi
11:00~11:30 Q & A  
11:30~12:10 Lecture 3:Future direction of immunotherapy (combination immunotherapy) Dr.Kiyoshi Yoshimura Dr.Naoko Hosono
12:10~12:40 Q & A  
12:40~13:40 Lunch Break    
13:40~15:00 Presentation of My Research by Trainees
(4 selected papers: Q&A)
Shiro Kimbara
Tetsuhiko Asao
Tomohiro Kondo
Kyoko Yamaguchi
Dr.Bruce Johnson
Dr.Chikashi Ishioka
15:00~15:15 Coffee Break (15 min)    
  Mentoring Clinic - Review and critique of current projects on the 4 selected papers: Group work    
15:15~16:15 Group work Faculty/Attendees  
16:15~16:25 Break (10 min)    
16:25~17:05 Summary of Discussion by Trainee (5min)×4
Advice by faculty (5min)×4
Faculty/Attendees Dr.Bruce Johnson
Dr.Chikashi Ishioka
17:05~17:15 Break (15 min) ASCO Chair & JSMO Chair  
17:25~18:35 Poster Presentation/Discussion Faculty/Attendees  

(Day 2)
Program Speaker Chairs
8:00~8:40 Lecture 4:Immuno-checkpoint inhibitors Dr.Pasi Janne Dr.Jo Ishizawa
8:40~9:10 Q & A  
9:10~9:50 Lecture 5:Precision Oncology based on OMICS data analysis Dr.Peter Yu Dr.Eri Matsuki
9:50~10:20 Q & A  
10:20~10:35 Coffee Break (15 min)    
10:35~11:15 Lecture 6:A case study of scientific and ethical protocols for immuno-oncology:how to design Early phase trials Dr.Shigehisa Kitano Dr.Hidehito Horinouchi
11:15~11:45 Q & A  
11:45~12:25 Lecture 7:Importance of Hereditary Cancer in Cancer Genome Era Dr.James Ford Dr.Hiromichi Ebi
12:25~12:55 Q & A  
12:55~13:55 Lunch Break    
13:55~15:15 Presentation of My Research by Trainees
(4 selected papers: Q&A)
Makoto Nishino
Chiaki Inagaki
Yuko Oya
Kota Ouchi
Dr.Yuichi Ando
Dr.Sadakatsu Ikeda
15:15~15:30 Coffee Break (15 min)    
  Mentoring Clinic - Review and critique of current projects on
the 4 selected papers: Group work
15:30~16:30 Group work Faculty/Attendees  
16:30~16:40 Break (10 min)    
16:40~17:20 Summary of Discussion by Trainee (5min)×4
Advice by faculty (5min)×4
Faculty/Attendees Dr.Yuichi Ando
Dr.Sadakatsu Ikeda
17:20~17:50 Post Evaluation Exercise / Needs Assessment Discussion   Dr.Yoshihito Ohara
17:50~18:10 Meeting Adjourned ASCO Chair & JSMO Chair  
18:10~ Farewells    


 Dr.Bruce Johnson  Dr.Lillian Siu  Dr.Kiyoshi Yoshimura
(ASCO Immediate Past President)

 Dr.Pasi Janne    Dr.Peter Yu  Dr.Shigehisa Kitano   Dr.James Ford


■Poster Presentation


■Presentation by Trainees,Q&A,Advice by faculty




■From Evaluationsheet by participant

If YOW will be held again in the future, do you want to participate in it?

(Answer = Want to participate)

  • I want to participate as a facilitator, if invited.
  • This time I couldn’t completely understand due to my English issue, so I’d like to participate again.
  • I think YOW is very excellent meeting due to very intensive lecture series with fruitful discussion for future collaboration, etc.
  • Next time, I want to have my presentation.
  • It’s very useful for me to learn a lot of things. And I can also have a chance to talk with the big names of ASCO.

Please feel free to give us your comments or suggestions for JSMO. (If any)

  • Thank you so much for all activity of JSMO. I received benefit for JSMO more than annual fee.
  • Please hold this symposium other than Tokyo, if possible.
  • Thank you very much for planning such a wonderful opportunity. I had many inspirations from the sessions and talks with faculties and young colleagues. Thank you!
  • If I have a chance, I want to join YOW next year with a great study plan.
  • Age limitation should be removed!!

■From ASCO
On behalf of ASCO, thank you to the ASCO and JSMO faculty for your dedication to sharing knowledge with young oncologists. Thank you to the staff members who kept things running smoothly.
From what I heard, there was an impressive amount of interaction and interest from the participants, and this speaks to the high quality of content that was delivered and also the exceptional matching that JSMO did to select the participants.
We appreciate all of your efforts to make this second YOW a success.

■From Faculty(ASCO)
I wanted to thank you again for a wonderful and successful YOW 2019 workshop,
I certainly enjoyed this year’s format which was interactive and organized.
The students are as always enthusiastic and asked very insightful questions.
I learned so much from them!