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JSMO/ASCO Young Oncologist Workshop2018 Report

JSMO and ASCO co-hosted JSMO/ASCO Young Oncologist Workshop 2018 on February 9-10, 2018 in Tokyo.
Attendee, Japanese Young oncologists, took lectures from JSMO&ASCO’s expert oncologists, made presentations about their research plans and took part in discussions in small groups, and so on. All attendees and faculty members really enjoyed a lively discussions for 2 days.

◆Program            ◆Photo          ◆Impressions


(Day 1)
Program Speaker Chairs
8:20~8:35 Introductions Introductions JSMO Chair & ASCO Chair  
8:35~8:55 Self-Assessment Exercise Faculty/Attendees
8:55~9:35 Lecture 1: Design and Conduct of Clinical Trails of Precision Medicine Dr. Daniel Hayes Dr.Chikashi Ishioka
10:05~10:20 Coffee Break (15 min)    
10:20~11:00 Lecture 2: Strategies, Biomarkers and Endpoints for Phase I and II Trials Dr. Lillian Siu Dr.Hideki Shimodaira
11:00~11:30 Q & A    
11:30~12:10 Lecture 3: Ongoing Development of Small Molecule Inhibitors Dr. Pasi Janne Dr.Hidekazu Shirota
12:10~12:40 Q & A    
12:40~13:40 Lunch Break and Poster Viewing    
13:40~14:20 Lecture 4: Cancer Immunology and Future Direction of Immune (Checkpoint) Therapy Dr. Hiroyoshi Nishikawa Dr.Toshiyuki Kozuki
14:20~14:50 Q & A    
14:50~16:00 Presentation of My Research by Trainees
(4 selected papers: Q&A)
Jo Ishizawa
Chiaki Inagaki
Keigo Komine
Tomohiro Kadota
Dr.Daniel Hayes
Dr.Chikashi Ishioka
16:10~16:20 Sum up    
16:20~16:35 Coffee Break (15 min)    
  Mentoring Clinic - Review and critique of current projects on the 4 selected papers: Group work   Dr.Daniel Hayes
Dr.Chikashi Ishioka
16:35~17:35 Group work Faculty/Attendees  
17:30~17:45 Break (10 min)    
17:45~18:25 Summary of Discussion by Trainee (5min)×4
Advice by ASCO faculty  (5min)×4
18:25~18:35 Meeting Adjourned ASCO Chair & JSMO Chair  
19:00~21:00 Dinner    

(Day 2)
Program Speaker Chairs
8:00~8:40 Lecture 5: What's going on Cancer Precision Medicine? Dr. James Ford Dr.Masanobu Takahashi
8:40~9:10 Q & A  
9:10~9:50 Lecture 6: What Changes by Liquid Biopsy? Dr. Maximilian Diehn Dr.Hisato Kawakami
9:50~10:20 Q & A    
10:20~10:35 Coffee Break (15 min)    
10:35~11:15 Lecture 7: When Does Era of Big Data Oncology Come? Dr. Peter Yu Dr.Naoko Hosono
11:15~11:45 Q & A    
11:45~12:25 Lecture 8: Cancer Epigenetics as a Target of Diagnosis and Treatment Dr. Atsushi Kaneda Dr.Hiromichi Ebi
12:25~12:55 Q & A    
12:55~13:55 Lunch Break and Poster Viewing    
13:55~15:05 Presentation of My Research by Trainees
(4 selected papers: Q&A)
Eri Matsuki
Kenji Tsuchihashi
Chihiro Kondoh
Yoshiro Nakahara
Dr.Daniel Hayes
Dr.Yuichi Ando
15:15~15:25 Sum up    
15:25~15:40 Coffee Break (15 min)    
  Mentoring Clinic - Review and critique of current projects on the 4 selected papers: Group work   Dr.Daniel Hayes
Dr.Yuichi Ando
15:40~16:40 Group work Faculty/Attendees  
16:40~16:50 Break (10 min)    
16:50~17:30 Summary of Discussion by Trainee (5min)×4
Advice by ASCO faculty  (5min)×4
17:30~18:00 Post Evaluation Exercise / Needs Assessment Discussion ASCO Chair & JSMO Chair  
18:00~18:20 Meeting Adjourned ASCO Chair & JSMO Chair  
18:20~ Farewells    



■Presentation of My Research by Trainees,Q&A

■Certificate of appreciation by ASCO


■From Evaluationsheet by participant

If YOW will be held again in the future, do you want to participate in it?

(Answer = Want to participate)

  • This workshop was really informative and helpful to learn how to conduct clinical trial.
  • Definitely! This was one of the best workshops I’ve ever participated.
  • I am pleased to participate in YOW again because YOW is really wonderful opportunity to learn how to plan research and clinical trial.
  • It’s very good opportunities.
  • If I become older than 40 years, I’d like to attend as a facilitator.
  • That’s excellent experience. Especially talking directly to famous doctors.

Please provide any other comments or suggestions on the sessions. (If any)

  • All of lectures are really informative for me.
  • Every lecture was very meaningful and informative.
  • Every session is great. And good for updating our knowledge.
  • I would like to talk to lecturers more. I really enjoyed this YOW2018. Thank you so much!
  • I would like to join if this workshop will be held in the future again.

Please feel free to give us your comments or suggestions for JSMO. (If any) 

  • Lectures were brilliant (more than I expected).
    If possible, I would like to create a study protocol from bigining with the mentors.
    And, I would be grateful if JSMO give trainees (of this workshop) funding support to run each trials.
  • I think this program should be held annually.
  • As I will join the clinical research from this April, I would like to make use of this experience. I will keep doing my best so that I can make a presentation next time. Thank you very much.
  • I really enjoyed the workshop. I appreciate to everyone who tried to have this opportunity.

■From ASCO
I would just like to express once again ASCO’s appreciation to JSMO for their thinking of us as a collaborator on this important initiative, and for the excellent planning and implementation of a very important and beneficial meeting. We will look forward to doing this again!

■From Faculty(ASCO)
I also want to, again, acknowledge each of you who served as faculty. Chikashi made me sit in the front row throughout the 2 days, so I actually listened and learned!! Great job.
I echo Lillian’s perception of the enthusiasm of the “students.” That made our job even more easy.
I look forward to ongoing JSMO/ASCO collaborations in this initiative – it will only get even better!

■From Faculty(ASCO)
Thanks for a fantastic meeting - I must admit that this has been one of the most interactive meetings with young investigators I have participated in and they are so engaged, enthusiastic and curious. Thank you both JSMO and ASCO for organizing this and I am so glad to be a part of it.

■From Facilitator(JSMO)
I was very impressed with that many participants actively asked questions and discussed with faculties, facilitators, and other participants.
The workshop was very successful, and it was a very nice opportunity for both participants and facilitators to learn a lot.
I hope that the JSMO will continually hold this workshop.

■From Facilitator(JSMO)
Young oncologists are quite active. The workshop was good opportunity to interact them and stimulative for me. Lecture was comprehensive and infromative. I was also able to communicate with ASCO faculties and received good suggestions for my research.

■From Facilitator(JSMO)
This JSMO/ASCO Young Oncologist Workshop 2018 was very nice and helpful.
The program was comprehensive with hot topics for oncologists andinteractive.
It was good opportunities for communicating and discussing with the distinguished leaders and each attendee.
The purpose of this workshop is very clear.
Workshop itself was proceeded very smoothly and it was enough time Q&A session in each lecture. These were very comfortable.
Hopefully, this workshop will be held continuously for training the young medical oncologists as one of the official educational programs in JSMO/ASCO.
Thank you very much for JSMO/ASCO all staffs.