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Season's Greetings from the President

Chikashi Ishioka
January 1, 2023

My best wishes for the New Year !

I would like to extend my congratulations to all of you for welcoming the beginning of the new year. Last year was also a year in which the world was swayed by the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19). In addition, Russia's invasion of Ukraine, which began in February last year, had a major impact not only on national security, but also on the global economy, medical care, and welfare. It was an unpredictable situation as to when these two events would come to an end, and it was a year in which I was still bewildered by the dark social situation and longed for a bright light. This year's zodiac is the water rabbit. According to the five elements of yin and yang, it is said that it will be a year when the harsh winter is over and the signs of spring are coming. We welcome the new year with the hope that this year will be the first time that these disasters will come to an end, and that humankind will regain good health and world peace. Also, the year of the rabbit is said to be the year of “leap” and “improvement”. I pray for everyone's good health and hope that it will be a year of rapid progress for everyone.

By the way, the 20th Annual Meeting JSMO2023 will be held in Fukuoka from March 16th to 18th (Congress President Eiji Baba, Professor of Kyushu University) to kick off the JSMO activities of this year. It will be a mainly on-site but hybrid event that incorporates live distribution and on-demand distribution. Under the theme of ‘Cancer, Science and Life' (a message from the congress president that science will support the progress of cancer treatment in the future and that patients will be able to live a satisfying and productive life), the full program is planned to include topics related to supportive care, palliative care, training of patient supporters, and health economics as well as the latest information on cancer treatment, individualized cancer care and international collaboration of these scientific areas. At the same time, the JSMO2023 will mark the 20th anniversary of the first Annual Meeting in Fukuoka. During JSMO2023, we will hold a special JSMO anniversary event. We look forward to your participation in this memorable academic meeting. Please check the program on the JSMO2023 websiteAnother window and register early.

With the 4th Basic Plan for Promotion of Cancer Control in Japan almost finalized, the issue of disparities in medical care has come to the fore again. It looks like this year will be a year to think about cancer research and cancer treatment in a new era, such as collaboration with new related interdisciplinary fields including cardio-oncology, AI-assisted diagnosis, and patient public involvement. JSMO will support the activities of our members and promote their research for a new era of cancer treatment while taking on the challenge of new activities. We have just renewed our resolve to provide better cancer care to people around the world.

Thank you for your kindness last year. I sincerely ask for your continued guidance and encouragement this year as well.

Chikashi Ishioka
President, Board of Directors, JSMO